L.R. Baggs Stagepro Anthem™


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Stagepro Anthem Acoustic Guitar Pickup and Microphone

The LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem has all of the essential tools in one complete system. The Stagepro Anthem comes complete with the TRU•MIC and Element pickup. The feather-weight preamp and controls include: volume, mix, phase and a battery check. The mix control blends from the augmented TRU?MIC position to Element pickup only.

This side-mounted option provides easy battery access and a built-in tuner that is hidden beneath the control panel to maintain a clean, classy look. Bass & treble controls, phase inversion and a notch filter offer tone shaping along with maximum feedback suppression.


No-cut preamp/control unit

Includes TRU?MIC and Element undersaddle pickup

Mix control for mic and pickup settings

Full chromatic tuner that is hidden unless in use

Notch Filter and phase inversion controls for eliminating feedback

Master volume

Mic level control

Bass and treble controls for tone shaping on different stages

Multi-segment battery check

Easy click-lock battery access

Battery life: 170 hours, single 9v


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