Deering Golden Era 5-String Banjo


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A maple, prewar style bluegrass banjo made like the classic banjos of the 1930’s with the same materials and the same weight, design and features, the Golden Era is one of our most popular banjos for traditional bluegrass bands. If you’re looking for that classic bluegrass banjo tone and look – this is the banjo for you. Adorned with a traditional hearts & flowers inlay pattern, this banjo has the appearance and feel of the prized banjos from the 1930’s. It is designed to produce the most sought-after sound, a sound previously only achieved by five-string banjos of the pre-war era. This beautiful banjo has a Genuine Deering -06- 20-hole bell bronze tone ring. The drum assembly and neck shape are designed for the traditional crisp and strong bass notes as well as the distinct clear high tones of the cherished bluegrass sound.

Artists: Josh Williams, Benji Fleming, Bill Knopf, Clay Campbell, Cody Kilby, Dan Garrett, Darrell Sanders, Don Wayne Reno, Eddie Adcock, Gary Waldrep, Jimmy Fischer, Herb Pedersen, Ronald Smith, Marsha Bowman, Pete Huttlinger, Ryan Holladay, Steve Simpson, Willia

Neck Wood: Curly Maple

Finish: High Gloss

Number of Strings: 5

Type of Banjo: 5-String Resonator

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