Deering Banjo

Deering Banjo Company

Greg Deering made his first banjo as an industrial arts major at San Diego State College. In 1970, at 19 years of age he joined other enterprising young college students at the American Dream Co-Op and began doing instrument repairs and building banjos. This co-op would become the birth place of at least four now world renowned instrument manufacturers – a true tribute to the concept of the American dream! The American dream became the theme of Greg’s life when he and Janet started the Deering Banjo Company in 1975 as a family business. Together they not only raised two children but built, piece by piece, the Deering banjo factory.

Today, over 38 years later, the Deering Banjo Company has seen many a milestone including the launch of the Goodtime Series in 1985, the relocation to a new 18,000 sq.ft. premises in 1991 and the launch of the Eagle II in 2009, a breakthrough in banjo tone with the development of the new 20/20 tone ring.

In its young 38 year life, Deering has delivered the finest hand built American instruments to over 90,000 happy musicians and counting…one banjo at a time.

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