Current Special Offers

Jacobus Stainer Violin Jacobus Stainer Violin
Jacobus Stainer Violin Jacobus Stainer Violin
Slingerland Nighthawk Slingerland Nighthawk
Bacon & Day Symphonie Bacon & Day Symphonie
1939 Gibson F4 Mandolin 1939 Gibson F4 Mandolin
Gibson EB3 Bass Gibson EB3 Bass
Vega Tubaphone Banjo Vega Tubaphone Banjo
Nolberto Estrada Folk Harp Nolberto Estrada Folk Harp
Baroque Lute Baroque Lute

Harry and Jeanie West Fine Musical Instruments has been providing quality stringed instruments and instrument repair services to the Piedmont of North Carolina and beyond for over 30 years. We know excellence, and our knowledge and expertise is reflected in what we offer.

In short – we’re not a ‘big box’ music store. Quite the opposite. We pay close attention to detail and cater to the specific needs of every player, of any level – from Eric Clapton to your next door neighbor.